Be Encouraged Inc is a non-profit service organization created to serve the most vulnerable people in the Sacramento Region. Our focus is on the unhoused community. 

We are powered by mercy, dignity, and hope. We distribute food, hygiene products and water to unhoused encampments. We also provide showers in the Midtown area.

Where words fail us at times, our actions are the best way to demonstrate the principles of the Gospel; forgiveness, grace, and mercy.


If we tried to measure our success without including the human connections we have made, we would be doing a disservice to the Gospel, to our donors, and to our volunteers.


The practical side of connection is that we don’t get to ignore the despair and pain associated with the circumstances of being unhoused. Connection doesn’t allow us to choose our experience. Connection says that we are there for it all, even the things that make us uncomfortable.

 "The trouble is that once you see it, you can't unsee it, keeping quiet, saying nothing, becomes as political an act as speaking out." Arundhati 

The road to transformation is paved with dignity and hope. Where there's no dignity, there's no hope. 

We distribute between 250 to 350 lunches on Wednesdays. We also deliver hygiene products and clothes. 

Our program has grown, we now offer a weekly shower program at Midtown Church, pop-up dinners, twice monthly outreach and shower program, and expansion into North Sacramento. 

70% of the people we serve are hungry when we arrive. 

100% of the people we serve are marginalized by society and most are actively maligned. 

They lack access to reliable sources of clean water. 

Sanitation is non-existent.

There is no way to store perishable food which contributes to malnutrition. 

There is no security to protect themselves while they sleep. 

There is little access to viable resources for addiction and mental health.

We need the help of everyone. 

 "Those who can't do, can give!"