Outreach Ambassador Training will provide you with safety protocols, best practices, and the heart of our ministry. It is required if you want to participate in direct outreach.

What Our Volunteers Say...

"I started volunteering with Be Encouraged Inc. in February of 2022.  I don’t know whose lives were changed more, the unhoused or my own.  Learning to value every person, without passing judgement for their circumstances or outward appearance, has changed my life and given me purpose. I am humbled and motivated by the opportunity created by Be Encouraged Inc. to treat people with compassion and be a positive interaction in their day, through this I believe lives are being changed. " Kellie James, Volunteer

"Be Encouraged has done well in showing me  that we are all made in the image of God and deserving of goodness and kindness from one another.  My favorite part of serving is  experiencing the gratitude from the people we serve as we pray for their needs...I am moved by their appreciation! I pray Be Encouraged Inc continues to allow me to serve God with them by serving our community." Charleen (Volunteer)

"I really like how we go to where people are. Going out to people instead of them having to go somewhere and wait in a long line give them more dignity and respect. It also shows that we see them and we care. I have been very blessed already by serving. I feel connected to others and to God when we serve. I have more gratitude for everything I have and I also am able to see how easy my life is. When it rained overnight recently it hit me that it didn't really affect me at all but it would be another difficulty for someone that is unhoused. The only ask I can think of is more food and blankets so we can serve more people when we go out." Leah (Volunteer)

"I am still trying to figure out the right adjective to describe how I've been feeling about Saturday. Humbled of course but it's so much more than that. Blessed to have been a small part and honored to know women and men who lead their lives with the heart of Jesus. I will return."  Elaine (Saturday showers)

 "It was truly a pleasure to participate in this loving and thoughtful community ministry. I have only visited Midtown 3 times and am loving it so far! Tuesday’s opportunity to serve was an extension of what I have been doing as a solo effort for months. Such welcoming people- Lovely!" Camille (Tuesday packing party)